Wedding Coordinating

cropped-logo1.jpg  One of my favorite parts of organizing is Wedding Coordinating! I love seeing so many different things come together for a wonderful event.

Wedding Coordinating steps:

1. Schedule a coordinator at least three weeks in advance.

The reason three weeks is the minimum for scheduling is because there needs to be adequate time frame to go over all the details between you and your coordinator. Make itineraries for the Family, Wedding Party, the Bride/Groom, and a more extensive version for the coordinator.

2. Have meeting with coordinator to go over there list of details.

By having a meeting with your coordinator early will make the entire process faster, and easier on you. Of course during your meeting you may not always get through all the details so it is important to have open line of communication between you and your coordinator, whether it be via email, phone, or even texting. Just one detail that the coordinator is waiting to hear from you could instantly begin to put your organizer behind schedule.

3. Work with coordinator to make a list of contacts and itineraries.

The list of contacts if very important for your coordinator, and this needs to be completed no later than one week before the wedding. Typically the organizer will call each of the contacts to ensure that they know when and where to be and let them know that from that point on, they are the point of contact for any questions or concerns.

The itineraries need to be complete and sent to the appropriate parties with enough time to get any questions or concerns taken care of before the day of the wedding, typically one week before. Itineraries are a very important part of making a wedding run smoothly, not only does your wedding party need to know where to be but all family members need to know when they are needed. One key part to itineraries, that people often forget, is address of all the locations, not only is this very helpful for friends or relatives that are from out of town and unfamiliar with the location.

4. Let myself worry about the rest.

The rest of the work is up to the coordinator, now is the time for the Bride, and mother of the Bride can sit back, relax, and enjoy the celebration.


Below are a few snap shots from weddings I have coordinated.

Photo’s Complimentary of Fern Photography of Great Falls, Montana.

Photo done by Fern Photography out of Great Falls Montana.

Luwe Wedding, 2014, Great Falls, Montana


Liggett Wedding 2014, Great Falls, Montana10608757_950392981654205_1881696767598100217_o


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