Planning my Wedding!

Hello everyone, 

I am excited to announce that I just got married this summer, and I was so excited to really put my wedding planning to the test! I loved it! I had so much fun making sure everything detail was done to perfection. I had almost exactly seven months to plan a wedding in Billings, MT. Even for Montana, I did not have very much time to find a venue. My Fiancé proposed on 12-13-14 in Bozeman where we live, and I knew right away that I wanted to have the wedding in Billings. Billings is where I grew up, so it was always something that I had pictured growing up. The hardest part about this was I wanted to tell my family in person, so I had to hold in the exciting news until I went home to Billings and saw them at Christmas! Between that time I knew I had to research some venue’s and try to schedule some appointments to look at some of them while I was home. Even though these were a really tough couple of weeks to not tell anyone the news, it was totally worth it! Especially for my sister-in-law, she had been asking me what Brandon had gotten me for Christmas and if I thought it he was going to propose. I waited ten days to tell her and she was so ecstatic, just made it very special and exciting for Brandon, I, and our family. I am so excited to help share my experiences and what I learned about wedding planning and how I can help along the way! Just for a quick preview, we got married at a Catholic Church in Billings, then transferred to a reception hall also in Billings.

Look for more blogs and my experiences coming very soon!

Photograph by: Macy Spencer Photography


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