When do I have time to organize?? MOM

Hi Everyone!

So it has certainly been a while since I have made a post. Reason being I am a new mom! This last December my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Although we love him dearly our lives have definitely experienced a great change. Most days it is for the better sometimes it feels like it was for the worse.

I absolutely loved get his room ready and going through the whole “nesting” process, but now that he is here and 5.5 months old things are much more chaotic. I find I will go several days with out getting anything done around my house to one day he takes great naps and I find I have crossed everything off my list.

One way I have found with getting through the days with not getting anything done until he goes to bed, is to simply breathe. There is nothing more fun than having a giggling, smiling baby wiggling around and learning to roll over, but when he rolls over and you realize he is cover in dog hair you go “oh boy” I guess I should vacuum.

Their will always be things like this that sometimes you just HAVE to get done, just like washing the bottles and doing his laundry. But those random things you notice that are bothering you, like those smudges on the base boards that you have now noticed since you are constantly sitting on the floor these days, those can wait. Even if you have visitors no one is going to notice or care that you have some dirt on your baseboards. They are their most likely to visit that baby and that is there whole focus.

Just remember some days will be hard to over look those things and sometimes he will take an awesome nap and you can do a quick white tornado over the places you have noticed need some attention. At the end of the day he is all that matters and if you can give him the love and attention he deserves, then all the other things will fall into place.

I hope this made you feel a little better that even a professional organizer cannot get everything organized all the time. I plan to write again soon!

Happy Organizing!


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