The New Year Planners

Since the New Year is just around the corner, for some people, they already know that the new year is going to be eventful and they need to stay organized and ready for anything that comes their way. For those that are, say planning a wedding, going back to school, or even beginning to think about starting up that new business. It is always important to stay organized and keep everything in order, because sometimes if one thing goes wrong it could have a spiraling effect.

The first thing I did for the new year was get a New Planner! I am one of those people that have to have a planner; I have had one since my middle school days and have not had a year without one since. I love my planner,  I love that I can flip it open when I am scheduling an appointment and know when the perfect time is. This helps me with my time management for all the different things that I have going on.

Many people find having a planner almost more difficult because “it is just another thing to keep organized” and that is fine that some people feel that way, but in all honesty that is now how they are supposed to feel. They are supposed to help free up the space in your brain where you are mentally keeping that schedule. Now picking the correct planner can have a huge effect.

There are a couple of to keep in mind when deciding on a planner to use:

  1. What is the level of detail that you want the planner to have? Do you want it to have multiple days on a single page, or do you need each page to be broken out by every hour for a single day?
  2. The size; how large do you need the planner to be? Do you want it to be small and compact, or do you like it to be the standard size of paper and have more room to write notes and other tidbits?

There are many different types of planners out there in the word, and it has taken me some time to discover which style work the best for me. I find that having a style with a full day on a single page broken out by the hour works the best. I will right when the appointment starts and will block out the amount of time that I believe the appointment will take. That way I have a better idea on scheduling my next appointment. I have used this to my benefit, because if I schedule something from 11:00- 12:00, and then go to schedule my next appointment I will try not to schedule anything before 1:00. The reason I do this is I want to give myself some extra time in case the appointment runs a little longer than expected, or I need to run a quite errand. I also want to have enough time to travel to the next appointment, if traffic is crazy or I get lost finding the location, I still have plenty of time and will not be late.

Now although this style of planner and scheduling format works well for me it does not mean it will work for you. I would do a little research, block out some time where you can go to your nearest office supplies store and just start looking through them, each one has its own unique page layout, size, and even color. This past year I tried to down size to a smaller planner because it fit better in my purse, unfortunately this did not work well for me, I have big handwriting and found myself writing on all of the margins and it just was messy, so I had to go back to a standard size. Although it is slightly more difficult to carry around (that in, it does not fit in my current purse), I have found it to better fit my needs. So when you find a style of planner that you think will work, and it turns out it does not, please do not hesitate to go back and buy a different planner. The nice thing about planners these days is no matter what time of the year you can always find a year round planner, so it will not feel like such a waste of money.

Now some of you may not even really need a planner but merely just a calendar. I have seen this system work for many people, my dad in particular. His level of detail is not near as extensive as mine, so he keeps a fairly large calendar on his desk that he writes simple notes on to keep track of his schedule, and he is a professional abbreviator. There are many times I can look as his calendar and have no idea what half of it says, but he knows what each abbreviation is, and this system suites him very well. So as I said before just because a system may work for someone else does not mean the system works for you, it is important do decide what your needs are and find a system that meets those needs.